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A. KAYE Photo Art Pricing

Traditional Photography Prints
Each traditional print is hand-finished on lustre-surface paper. Traditional color prints faithfully reproduce a subject’s image, down to the natural skin tone. Traditional color prints are examples of what's best in color photography.

Iris-Gicleé Prints
Iris-Gicleé Prints - Gicleé (Gee-CLAY) is French for sprayed ink. An Iris-Gicleé print closely resembles an original watercolor painting. 100% natural dyes are applied to acid-free cotton paper or canvas, resulting in images with the clarity and detail of traditional photographs, plus the added artistic qualities of velvety texture, soft color, and hand torn edges. Gicleé artwork will be printed on canvas when posterized technique is selected. All Iris-Gicleé prints include basic retouching.

Iris-Gicleé Prints/Posterized Prints
8 x 10
16 x 20
20 x 24
22 x 44
30 x 40
40 x 60