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A. KAYE Photo

Many faces, many moods.

Inside each of us is a multitude of personalities; each accompanied by its own special emotions. When creating a personal portrait, the subject plays a vital role in the development of the final image.

Far beyond simply posing, A. KAYE works to elicit as many responses and to generate as many ideas as possible.

Pre-shoot interviews

"My part as artist is making wishes come true. Presenting ideas the subject hasn't been able to express, we'll explore as many alternatives as possible."
                                                                                                                               - A.KAYE

To Schedule an Appointment

Since A. KAYE’s always on the go, he’s found that meeting with clients by appointment ensures everyone receives his full focus. Luckily, arranging an appointment is quick and easy!

Call (972) 664-1831 today to schedule your personal photo session!

Sitting Fee - $250.00     Make-up - $75.00

This includes:

  • A Personal Consultation to Plan Your Portrait Session
  • A. KAYE’s Time to Create Your Portraits
  • The Production, Selection, and Final Presentation of the Session Originals

Retouching is included on all prints selected from the creative session. These services are designed to meet your individual needs and may include, but are not limited to softening of age lines and skin-tone blending.


Artwork imagine one-of-a-kind artwork created from any of the session images. A final portrait that can be traditional or avante garde, an image that captures the essence that is uniquely you. Many creative techniques are available. Posterization, toning, digital manipulation can be used to create technique, selected size, and print surface finish.

Iris-Giclée Prints - Giclée (Gee-CLAY) is French for sprayed ink. An Iris-Giclée print closely resembles an original watercolor painting. 100% natural dyes are applied to acid-free cotton paper or canvas, resulting in images with the clarity and detail of traditional photographs, plus the added artistic qualities of velvety texture, soft color, and hand torn edges. Giclée artwork will be printed on canvas when posterized technique is selected. All Iris-Giclée prints include basic retouching.

40x60 . . . . . $4,500.00
30x40 . . . . . $1,500.00
24x30 . . . . . $1,250.00
20x24 . . . . . $1,050.00
16x20 . . . . . . .$750.00
11x14 . . . . . . .$600.00
8x10. . . . . . . . $500.00


Since we understand that the unexpected does happen, we provide for cancellations. However, forty-eight hours notice is required to cancel without losing your deposit and the missed session must be rescheduled within thirty days of the original appointment. Unfortunately, session fees are non-refundable if appointments are cancelled and not rescheduled.

Stock Photo Prices

A. KAYE’s stock photos are Rights Protected with all necessary releases (i.e. model releases) on file. Since the price is affected by the particulars of your project, please call A. KAYE PHOTO at 972-664-1831 for a quote. Of course, you need to make sure our photo is a good fit. That’s why we don’t mind if you capture one of our images to evaluate its look and feel in your project. However, only images purchased directly from A. KAYE PHOTO are licensed for use, all other uses violate copyright law.


For information or to purchase copies of prints included on any of these pages, please contact A. KAYE PHOTO at 972-664-1831.


A. KAYE PHOTO accepts cash and checks only.

A. Kaye Photo
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